Xtrack Outdoor Blind System

Creating Better Outdoor Living For Your Family

Xtrack Outdoor Blind System

The new generation of high quality outdoor blinds. Perfect for enclosing your alfresco or shading your windows with minimalist styling.  XTrack blinds come standard with …

    • Fully Enclosed Aluminium Pelmets
    • Automate Remote Control
    • Custom Powder Coated Hardware – any colour choice
    • Premium fabrics maximising weather protection
    • Minimalist styling to seamlessly compliment your home
    • Xtrack is 100% Melbourne owned designed and made.
    • All Australian extruded aluminium, premium fabrics, no cheap imported materials
    • Xtrack is remote controlled with no additional cost for motorisation
    • Xtrack is Smart Capable, able to be operated via smart phone or voice control
    • Xtrack has a 7 year manufacturer warranty

Fabric Choices


All fabrics are available in 95% weave or 99% weave.

95% offers good rain protection and is cooler and more breathable for the warmer months.

99% offers very high rain protection and is more heavy duty for high wind areas. 99% is not as breathable as 95% fabric.

Capped Price Servicing & 7 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer (Just Outdoor Blinds) guarantee to repair or replace defective parts or materials as per warranty period. Product service by trained professionals can be ordered via Just Outdoor Blinds 1300 704 480, for minimum site call out fee.

Warranty will be void if the product is not correctly used, cared for cleaned and maintained.

Warranty does not include trade call out. (Installer fee is payable by the property owner)

For any enquiries please contact us on 1300 704 480.


Popular Aluminium Powder Coat Options

We can use any custom dulux powder coating colour for the frames. See below for the popular colours that we are often asked to use.


Matt Black


Woodland Grey



Shale Grey



Classic Cream

Correct Use Instructions

  • Take care while operating blinds on windy days. If blind stops while being lowered due to pressure on the side spline the operator can inadvertently cause the sidespline to be pulled out of its track.
  • If the blind stops while being lowered it may be due to wind creating pressure on the side spline. Stop the blind and add some pressure downward to lower blind.
  • Watch the blind while being lowered, if the blind gets caught on the tracks then stop the blind with the remote control. Check the tracks to check nothing is preventing the blind being lowered such as dirt, dust or grit.
  • Just Outdoor Blinds use the strongest fabrics, fixings and extruded aluminium available, the operator should ensure blinds are not left down in extreme winds.
  • Blinds are made from fabric and extreme winds can cause fixings to snap, fabric stretch and tear and tracks to become loose from structure.


  • Tracks must be regularly cleaned with soapy water so tracks are free from dirt dust and grit.
  • Fabric can be cleaned with a mild detergent, sponge and hosed off with water.


  • Tracks should be regularly lubricated with silicone spray.
  • Spray tracks top to bottom with silicone, available from Bunnings or other hardware stores. Warning: Do not use an oil based lubricant, it will damage the side spline.


  • If correctly used, cleaned and lubricated Xtrack blinds should be repair free for years to come.


Side spline has come out of its track.

  1. Remove bottom block from track
  2. Remove screws from track face slide track down as far as possible
  3. Remove top stop dome nut
  4. Raise the blind to its highest position and feed the side spline back into the track like a zipper
  5. One back in track lower the blind return track to original position and replace all fixings and blocks.
  6. Consult correct use notes to ensure issue does not arise again.

Adjusting Limits to Motor

  1. Visit Alpha Motors website, download universal motor instructions and follow instructions listed.
  2. Reset limits as per instructions making sure you have finalised steps and new limits have been finalised.




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